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Mobile app for searching and spreading innovation

Team Members: Agravat Vishal Vinodbhai, Prashant M Kakde, Ayush Singhal

Introduction : In summer school, we choose the problem for innovation sharing and submission because many times the grassroots people who invent something and remains unidentified. Although SRISTI, Honeybee, GIAN, NIF are actively taking care about them. Now our goal is to increase the reach of these innovation among the users. And user can submit their innovation.

For that we think that making an android application would be the best way because at present smartphones have become common for all of us. If we make an android app it would become easy to connect with mass within short time. According to us, using this app velocity of sharing and submission of innovations can be increased. Users can submit their innovation and he can also find solution for problem they have. Users can also submit the innovations for various awards viz. IGNITE, HBN Criia, etc. Users can also generate unmet needs they feel in their day to day lives. After viewing these dimensions we finalized to develop the app for this noble purpose.

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