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Recycling of old clothes and footwear

Team members: Devashree H. Agrawal, Mukund H. Agrawal


Problem Statement: A lot of people are deprived of clothing, footwear, food and medicine. And because it is summer, clothing and footwear become very essential to have to save one from the scorching heat of the sun. But, unfortunately, these are the few things many people are not having.

Who is facing this problem: People below the poverty line are facing this problem

What are the basic human needs:

  • Healthcare

  • Food and water

  • Clothing and footwear

  • Shelter

  • Education

When is a person considered to be below the poverty line:

A family who earns less than RS.150 per day or a family who earns below Rs.54,750 per year.

What is our idea:

  • Needy people are having shortage of clothes and shoes and we have them in abundance.

  • So, when our clothes or shoes get torn or worn out, we don’t mend them.

  • We straight away throw them or give it to some needy, but, we aren’t sure whether these are used properly.

  • So, if we have a concept of sharing old clothes and footwear, it will help a lot of people in need.

  • So there can be cupboards or storage boxes in various areas of the city.

  • People like us can give away our old clothes and footwear which are not in a very bad condition there.

  • If the things which we are going to donate are torn slightly, we can mend them with the help of cobblers and tailors.

  • This way the work of cobblers and tailors will increase, our clothes and footwear won’t be wasted and needy people will also be able to save themselves from the scorching heat of the sun.

For example: Let us take up an area of Ahmedabad which has more of a poor population – Jamalpur.

So, if we take up Jamalpur, we can have one storage cupboard or a storage box besides or very near to the post office or police station of Jamalpur. So, in this area people may be short of clothes or footwear. This is their need and not a want. So, people who can afford clothes and footwear must be having their old clothes and footwear to give away. So, if our clothes and footwear are slightly torn but in a wearable condition, we can go to the cobblers and tailors and get them repaired. This is totally for social service and we don’t get any money out of donating our old clothes and footwear. The people who need it will be given it on a minimum rent like Rs. 10 per month. The rent is kept because if the people will be given it for free, they won’t value it. The clothes and footwear need not come back to the cupboard after the due date because that thing has served the purpose and it won’t be fit to give the clothes and footwear to a 3rd person.


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