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Diagnostics system for animal health

Team members: Akash Kumar, Nilay Awasthi, Atharva Deore

Introduction: In the advancing world, it’s often observed that, we all want to be at the par with world and nobody wants to lack behind. We have come far away in technological to fill the everrising needs, leaving back those in the shadow, who form the base of every countries economy and have a major contribution in it, i.e. the farmers. Even though there are developed tools which help farmers in the agricultural process, still farmers use the primitive tools. The immediate thought which comes when thinking of farmers, is their cattle livestock. It is often observed that, there are many development in the health sector for humans, and more importantly they are easily accessible to everyone. Almost every house will have a thermometer and set of medicines for general health problems. Some would even have, handheld devices for blood-pressure, diabetes measurement in their houses. Whereas, most of the farmers would not have a thermometer also, to measure the temperature of their livestock. As said earlier, we have shadowed that base of society, which form base of our community. It is not only about the only the animals in the farms, but in general about all the animals, there is no easily accessible medical aid for them.

The cattle industry is an integral part of the world economy. Additional benefits can be realized from this class of technology, such as the ability to identify the presence of disease early and thereby prevent its spread. The IOT based cattle health and environment monitoring system monitors various cattle health parameters such as body temperature, heartbeat, location of animals and environmental parameters such as temperature. This also explains how the primary sensors identified by the research can be used to forecast cattle health in a simple, basic manner. Monitoring the activities and health of the cattle continuously and taking corrective measures help in increasing the milk productivity. This helps in preventing the cattle from diseases at early stage and also increases the milk yield.

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