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To restructure the broom to reduce the pain in the hands of the sweepers and making it light and mor

Team Members: Hitarth Parikh, Bhanu Pratap Asiwal


First of all, we choose this problem because this is a very major issue in whole India. We tried to understand their daily life and challenges during sweeping. We also tried to investigate the role of different apparatus of state machinery and their attitude towards these people. We found their situation is very pathetic and they are in margin and in unwritten world. There is need to eradicate this manual practice at earliest and make them self-independent and skilful to live a life of dignity and respect.

A thing to note is this that, while consuming goods/products it is individual’s property, but after consuming it, they don’t care about it at all, why? Also, the minimum wages of any government worker is 500 rupees per day, but they only get 300 rupees per day. According to our observation they need support of both people and the government, but at the same time we realized that if any of them improves (either people or the government) then it will help improve other. People should realize the importance and help them for e.g. let us imagine when the sweeper comes, everyone should come out from their home and bring the garbage present in the front of their home to the centre of the road as mechanical based garbage picking machines are already made but the problem is they can’t work in the corners because of the parked vehicles (acts as hurdle to the machine). If we only device a mechanism to ease their work then it is not a complete solution because ultimately the system is making them to sweep and they are not getting the respect they need, sopublicinvolvement is must. Their happiness is the only motive and motivation for us.


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