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To Design Mahuva Nut Splitter For Decreasing the Drudgery & eliminating Injuries of Tribal Women for

Team Members: Pandya Pritish, Pandya Dhyey, Modha, Meghnathi vikas


Mauva tree can be found in topical region, this tree is also can grow flowers. Both nuts and flowers can useful in daily life. Mahuva nuts can use to make oil for cooking and also they use to make soap to add fragrance. Mahuva nuts are very benefits for our health it is use diabetes, asthma, skin diseases, blood diseases, etc. In our GIANsummer school project we had go to field visit GALIBIL & SINALI (DIST.PANCHMAHAL). In this village mahuva trees can grow. We had seen their problems that they use stones to crack the mahuva nuts after cracking they shell out from the seed, But the main propose of our project is that the villagers was crack the nuts with the stones and handle the nuts with their hand. During operation they may be have hand injuries in hands and also we had experience same problem while cracking.


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