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Agricultural Weeder

Vimal W Parthasarathy Deep

Objective The problem statement in this project is, there is a need of advancement in the technology of the weeder. By considering this, the design of weeder can be impoverished by making some quality changes to its blade and to the outer structure. Our Indian sub-continent is enriched with various landforms, soil compositions and each landform have its own weed growth. To satisfy each and every landform, the paraments such as strength and mass of both blade and structure of the weeder should be customizable. In the paper, the weeder is automated and the acceleration of the motor can be controlled based on the soil type and nature of the weeds in the agricultural land. The design will be focused to be simple which can used to avoid the unwanted counter parts. The blade is designed in such a way to remove the weeds completely from the agriculture land. Development of Embedded system in the weeder which can collects soil data such as nitrogen, moister, sub nutrients etc. in the pre weeding stage. So that framers will get a clear picture about their land condition which helps them to add exact value of supplements to their lands and the wastage of supplements also will be advantageous in this case. The power source for the embedded system and to the rotary system can be provided by the green energy such a solar cell. The development of solar cells for this system can be improved by using DSSC technology.


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