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Reduction in Deaths due to Tobacco Consumption

Freedom from Tobacco, Act for young

● Amit Dave,

● Tanmay Jain


Governments across the world, Thousands of NGOs, Hundreds of social activist, doctors, and community leaders are trying to eliminate the hazards of Tobacco since decades through framing policies, campaigns, training, education and many other mechanisms. Oceans of information is available.

However the danger is still there and still damaging million lives.

How we can address? Why even after so much efforts we are not so successful? Why human being continues to be slave of Nicotine even after knowing that death is following Nicotine addiction? Why pregnant ladies continue to consume tobacco knowing that it is harmful to both –mother and child? Why people pay heavy price for tobacco products and sacrificing their meals?

Is it the area of Research? Does it require innovative strategies? Does it require top priority for developing and applying advanced tools and technologies? Is it unmet need to be addressed with full force? Are we all sensitive to millions of death and tragic sufferings? Are we helpless against powerful tobacco companies?

I think all of you have clear answers for above but challenge is how to convert situation in favor of mankind. How to change human behavior and mindsets?

So far I think that focus is on Tobacco consumers to make them aware about health aspects, financial aspects, it is working to certain extent.

It is time to shift the focus on Nonsmokers and engage them in this battle against tobacco. Particularly young men and women to be the leaders. Engaging each and every school and institutes of learning Continuous efforts.

The change in human behavior requires lot of efforts. Change in mind sets required changes in one’s belief system is required.

In this project effort is made to make to develop better educational and awareness system to address youth and improve effectiveness. The system is still to be tested and validated. Scientific do it yourself activity and importance of healthy life are the key features of the educational and awareness plan. Without active involvement of nonsmokers the system cannot improve to great extent.

We welcome your feedbacks, suggestions and comments.

We take this opportunity to sincerely thank to all the mentors for imparting knowledge and sharing their reach experiences. Special Thanks to Professor Anil Gupta continuously guiding and inspiring to learn new concepts and to focusing on unmet needs of society. Our thanks to all the staff members of SRISTI for all the support,


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