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App Development Team Report May 21, 2018

First Half

  1. Brainstorming about the expected problems faced first hand by the on-field staff

  2. Noted down opportunities and aspects that can be worked upon to make the app more user-friendly

  3. Discussed the possibility for building separate apps on two different platforms for two different end users (SRISTI Field Staff and SRISTI Data Analysts)

  4. Possibility arising due to vast differences in work environment of either end user

  5. Android based app suitable for SRISTI Field Staff due to portability and accessibility constraints

  6. Windows/Other OS based desktop app for SRISTI Data Analysts for ease of analysing mass data

Later Half

  1. Mr. Kuldeep, Field Officer at SRISTI, presented us to a Recommended Questionnaire that is supplied to the Field Staff

  2. The Field Staff follows the Questionnaire and interviews the farmer about his devised innovative method.

  3. The Questionnaire was documented in Gujarati

  4. We translated the same to English for better understanding of the form and the process

  5. This would further help us design the sections and forms in the final app

  6. Please find attached a copy of the translated questionnaire

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