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Sanshodh App Team Report June 03, 2018

App modifications:

  1. The back-button activity issue:

  • The issue was that the app returned the logged in screen even after pressing the back-button.

  • The issue was hence fixed.


  1. Today we had to present our SRISTI Sanshodh Collect app to Prof. Anil Gupta.

  2. Prof. Anil Gupta watched the app demo and asked about the domain and limitations of the app. His queries were settled satisfactorily.

  3. Professor was in particularly impressed with the flexible backend frameworks that allow for existing forms to be updated and new forms to be added at any point without any changes to the end user app.

  4. The export capabilities and geo-tagging features in the app were considered to be ground-breaking in expediting the current process of scout documentation.

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