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May 30 | Field Test | Nilgai Detection & Prevention System

We developed detection prototype using Two PIR Sensor at 90° angle to cover whole 190° range of field. Detection system also have 433.92MHz RF Transmitter to transmit status of nilgai to other device to trigger Prevention System. We made one Y Shaped stand to arrange all assembly.

We went to Sabarmati riverside where nilgai comes everyday to during water around 6:30 pm. We arrived there at 6:00 pm. We set device at riverside. We measure range of the PIR sensor. We impressed with response of the PIR sensor with 6 meter range. also RF Module have impressive range of 25 meter without good antenna. One of the problem we encountered of False positive triggering of PIR sensor with 25 seconds of starting of device. It require sufficient amout of time to boot up device & working properly. Unfortunately we didn't able to test device with Nilgai but we tested the module with artificial nilgai.

We also met Shtrughan Singh bhai who live at sabarmati riverside. We talked with him about nilgai regularity of timing for drinking water. He told us that when their sand stone work is in working, Nilgai used to wait for the work to be over and sound to be stopped and then they drink water keeping fair amount of distance. We are happy with performance of the device.

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