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Mind Map (Load Carrying Device) : A day spent with Prof. Shashank Mehta

Today starts with a joyful sunrise. Inside the auditorium, people were waiting for an exciting session with a professor from NID. Ending all the waiting Prof. Shashank Mehta put forward his precious ideas to us. After an electrifying session about mind mapping, all the interns got a brief idea about how to do this. Thereafter all started practicing mind mapping on their specified problem statement. Professor guided us all the way. After a firm goodbye to the professor, we had a delicious meal. Then we came to the auditorium and had a con-call with Gavin Mellas from MIT about Human-centered design. He gave us some amazing problem statement and we did the activities, it was truly amazing. The joyful evening ends with a firm discussion with teammates. All about today's work by us is given below in a pictured method.

Mind Map

Technology and Processes

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