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Field Visit - 4 (Load Carrying device)

Observations: We have visited Kalupur Railway Station. We have observed many things. Passengers are traveling from one stations to another. Some of the passengers cannot carry the load or they don't want to carry. Therefore, Collies are there at stations to carry and transfer the load from one place to another. During transferring, they walk on the platform and climb the stairs. They have very difficulties in their life. They carry the bags of the passenger on the hand, shoulder,head, etc. Based on their capabilities, they carry the loads. They either carry the bags on the head or hold with both hands or with a single hand. When the train reaches to the station then coolies run and search for the passengers. They are also using the trolley to carry luggage, goods, waste.

Conversation with Paplu Bhai

1. Shall we talk for some time? Ans.: Yes, Definitely. 2. Where is your home? Ans.: Ahmadabad 3. For how many years are you in the profession of collie? Ans.: 25 years 4. Where do you generally carry the load? Ans.: This, you can easily observe, where we are carrying the load. 5. Where do you get pain in the body? Ans.: It is very difficult to do this job. I am getting pain in the knee, shoulder, head, hand etc. 6. What is your daily income? Ans.: Rs. 300 - 400 Conversation with Manoj Singh collie: My name is Manoj Singh. In summer days, I am getting pain in the hand and waist and being stressed in the legs. In summer days, I am also getting thirsty. I am not getting water to drink. Team: Are you not getting water in Railway Station? Collie: I am able to get but sometimes It is very hot so, unable to drink. Team: What is your problem? Collie: I do not have any problem, but when I sleep in the night then I am getting more pain in the neck and on the shoulder. Team: What is your problem? Collie: I do not have any problem, but when I sleep in the night then I am getting more pain in the neck and on the shoulder. Team: From, where, you can carry more load (Shoulder or Head)? Collie: Head Team. : When you carry the load on the head then where do you find more pain/problem? Collie: Neck and Spinal cord Team. : Have you ever got collide with a passenger? Collie: Never Team: We do not have any idea about our body. So, first, we know about the critical points in the Body, based on the information, we will design our product. We will make a product on Which we can easily able to carry the load with less effort. When we carry the bags and if we have thin strip then the pressure is higher as compared to the thick strip. You have TURBAN if you make it little bigger then it can carry more load. This, We are telling you only for a shorter period. We will again come with a solution and we will provide you that device. Team. : Where is your family? Collie: Rajasthan Team. : Where are you living here? Collie: Room Rent Team. : Where is your Income? Collie: On the daily basis, sometimes It is Rs. 200 or Rs. 300. On the monthly basis, I can able to earn Rs. 7000 – 9000. Team. : Are you getting any benefit from Railway? Collie: I am getting a free pass for 2 months, In two months I can travel to my home without any fare but this is for a year. But for 8 months, I have to pay for a train ticket. Team. : How many times do you get the pass? Collie: Once in a year Team: Is there any other problem? Collie: Yes, If I am carrying more load then I am also getting pain in the chest. Collie: we are sitting here by numbering. When the train reaches to the station then By numbering, we use to go and carry the luggage. Team: Have you ever thought about this problem? Collie: Yes, sometimes if I get more pain in hand then I keep in the head that is it. I haven’t think beyond this. Team: Do you have children? Collie: Yes, I have 5 daughters. Team: Are you provide them education? Collie: Yes Collie: My father has 5 brothers. They have 10 daughters and all are M.A Pass. I am graduate. I was not able to pass the competitive exam by 2-3 marks sometime. I was self-studying. I have three brothers, two brothers are elder to me and one brother is younger to me. My all brothers are in the air force and Navy. I am satisfied with my life. The main thing in the life is Satisfaction.

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