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Field Visit - 3(Load carrying Device)

Observations: We have again visited a construction site where they were making bricks using cement and sand. They were making two different types of bricks. 1. Small brick (5 kg) 2. Big Brick (20kg) Both men and women were working. They were preparing MORTAR, for that they were transferring the sand and cement from one place to another where the mixture machine was kept. After mixing, they were pouring the MORTAR in the mold. Then they kept it on vibrator so that MORTAR can easily be settle down. Girls/Women were carrying the Cement and sand in the PAN on their head and throwing in the machine. Men were carrying on both the shoulder and head. Sometimes just on the hand and maintaining some distance between shoulder and PAN. One labour is required for keeping the cement/sand in the PAN. In addition, another labour was transferring from one place to another.

Conversation with Sangita:

1. What is your name? Ans.: Sangita

2. Where are you from? Ans.: Ahmedabad

3. How many bricks you can carry? Ans.: 4-5 (Smaller bricks) and 1 (Bigger Brick)

How do you carry the bricks? Ans.: I carry smaller bricks on the head and bigger bricks on the hand.

5. For support the bricks, what do you keep on the head? Ans.: Wooden plate and turban.

6. What is the weight of the MORTAR? Smaller brick Ans.: 8-10 kg

7. What is the weight of the MORTAR? Ans.: 8-10 kg

8. What is this machine? Ans.: This is the machine use to settle down the Mortar in the mold.

9. Why are you making this bricks? Ans.: We will use it here for the flooring.

10. What is the use of bigger bricks? Ans.: In the end, corner should not be sharp, so they filleted and they made it big.

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