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27th May | Load Carrying Device

In the auditorium, all members of the team have discussed, what are the different materials, we can use for the different parts of the device. We have also discussed, what are the different folding mechanisms possible.

For calculation of the mass of the device, the work has divided:  Take a sample measurement of the body : Ansuman, Ajay  Search the important data: Ajay, Rohit  Give the direction of calculating the volume of whole device: Rohit, Ankit  Do the calculation: Ankit

After discussing, we went to FAB LAB and discussed,  What are the different materials here  What are the different shape, we can use  Took the measurement of the waist of Ajay & Rohit  We bent one hollow steel rod into three parts.  We again thought about the stand and discussed different types of stands.  We took four rods and joint.

In the lab, everybody was helping each other. Then we had an interactive lecture from 05:30 PM to 06:30 PM

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