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2nd day of Load carrying Device

Today starts with a joyful sunrise. Everybody is sitting in the auditorium and discussing the project within the group. Everybody, in the group, is thinking about their project like what the difficulties faced by the laborers working in the construction sites. Some of the members of the group is also making sketches and the prototypes using cardboard. Then, we have discussed the different materials and design, with the mentors. After a delicious meal, we are again sitting in the auditorium. Tomorrow, we have a field visit. So, everybody is waiting for Prof. Anil K Gupta to get insight from the field visit.

Discussions with Prof. • In the first field visit don’t try to think about the solution, just observe the things around you. • He discussed three things in design 1. Form 2. Features 3. Function • Try to think in a diverse way. • After think about a particular design, try to parametrize the design. • Always try to extract energy from the loss. For e.g. – Try to extract energy from the engine heat loss. • Following are the points, try to keep in mind during the project 1. Understand the underlying principles 2. Don’t try to generate new problems to solve a particular problem After goodbye firm to the professor, we had tea and again everybody was sitting in the auditorium and waiting for the prof. Ted Moallem, He discussed with the individual team about the field visit and the major points we should remember in the entire journey of the project.

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