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Analyzing the problem of SETU Organization.


As we are working on two different projects, one is toxic gas project and another one is for “SETU” organization. In that project we are supposed to make a portable and reliable antenna which can be fixed on their ‘Movable Dispensary’ so that they can access internet from any position in a particular radius of the transmitter so our task is to made a 40 feet long antenna which can be fixed on the top of van which can be operated from inside the van and it can be rotated by 360° from inside the van and it should be folded like telescope by telescopic mechanism or lipstick mechanism. So from morning we were discussing about different mechanisms or designs which fulfil our conditions of antenna. First we think about the telescopic method as this method is very reliable and it meets our needs but problem with this design is the weight and its stability so we started to think about another solution. Then we think about scissor mechanism to uplift and down lift the receiver and to hold the antenna we decide to make a telescopic rod which pass through between the scissors and when we up lift this it will become around 30 feet long by using 6 scissors having height of 5 feet each and when we bend this it will become around 5 feet long.

In Evening we had a skype call with Mr. Vaishnava from MIT University we told him about our project about our mind map and what is our plan to tackle this problem and what are the challenges which we are facing so after hearing our plan to tackle the toxic gas problem and about the challenges he appreciates our idea and gave us his valuable suggestions which would definitely help us to solve the problems.

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