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Started to think about solutions


As after submitted the report and after discuss with Mr. Anil Sir today, we started to think about the different solutions of the problem first we think about mechanical valve which can be operated from outside the well (20 feet) so that there will be no need for the farmers to go inside the well to open the mouth of the boring pipe and they can operate this valve mechanically from outside the well. Second, we think about the chemical solution, we can use some chemicals which neutralize the gas inside the boring pipe so when farmers open the valve there will be no toxic gas. We think about different chemicals like Washing Soda, Baking Soda, H202, Sodium Nitrate and Ferrous Oxide.

In Mechanical system we think about different mechanism first we think about air tight valve by using the cork , then we think about Clutch mechanism, then mechanism used in Wall Fans and many other mechanical mechanisms but the major challenges which we were facing is to make our system cost efficient and it should be easily accepted by salt farmers as the method which they are using presently cost Rs10 to them so we have to make our mechanism under Rs20 cost.

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