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25 May | Nilgai detection/prevention system

We prepared again our final presentation of our field visit according to the changes told by sir. We also prepared our final mind map.

At evening, Prof. Anil Gupta visited us. We presented our observations of field visit to him. We also had a vigorous discussion on our field visit and observations especially how nilgais could be detected and . Prof stressed on the concept of 'ahimsa' and gave us clear warning not to harm the animals in any manner. As far as the solution was concerned we narrated the rejected as well as the final idea. The final concept design and idea was approved and praised by Prof. The detection system remained the same using the good old buddy "PIR sensors". The major advantage of this prototype was the improved Rf communication system. It is cheap, easy to interface and has a long range.Then he told us to work on solution and make a prototype to prove our concept design. At last we prepared our report.

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