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Today,We got a reply from Satya ma’am,who is a researcher on insects in NIF.She gave insect’s frequency range which are irritating for them.we were happy to get reply from her because now we can do our further task in our projexct.In evening,Sagar Sir did a activity of mind-mapping for chula project for our reference purpose,he told us that each group have to do this type of mind mapping for their project so they can get clear idea of each area of that project,which will help students to think over that area.Activity starts at 7 pm.All group have to finish their activity in one hour.After having dinner we present our work to Prof. Anil Gupta. what we did?which type of solution we are thinking of?what kind of problem we are facing? For our project Anil sir gave suggestion which we didn’t think before.He told us that don’t repele predator like birds,spider,honey bee,butterfly and other bacteria because they are helpful to the crop.After that our group member decided the time for the next day field visit.

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