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1st Day of Problem Analyzing


Today we pack our bags back to Gram Bharti after 2 days of field visit. On returning back first we shared our experience with our mentor (Mr. Sagar Panchal) and discuss about the observations and problems of the salt farmers. Then we told him that the problem statement which we got from their side “Toxic Gas Detection” is not the real problem which they are facing but the real problem is to take out the gas from the well without effecting their work and at very low cost. Then at evening all teams said to give a Power Point Presentation about their field visit so we made a power point presentation on our field in which we mainly includes introduction part of our field visit then problems which the salt farmers faced due to toxic gases and we also did research what is the basic reasons behind the evolution of toxic gases so we also include this in our power point presentation.

in our power point presentation.

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