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on 24th May, 2018 the team presented the project presentation on Insect Repellent and discussed the problem faced by farmers. We disussed the problem facing by insects to farms & how farmers get through it.The other gruops also presented their project & discusssed with everyone. we have to suggest or give the idea to the other projects.we discussed with Water less toilet Project, Animal washing Gloves, Toxic gas groups and other grop projects. Everyone discussed the problems about their project & how they going to solve them. The suggestion given by the remaining students & sir/Madam present over there.

So here we get some idea & feedback from other group members & co-ordinators about our Project that how we going to tackle the problem faced by farmers.

Interaction among all the groups regarding the plan of further work & the work done till date was to be carried out in the evening and proper reports and presentation were prepared by the team to address the topic and explain the work so that the team could get proper feedback from the other teams and the coordinators about the work done till date and further improvements which required to be made in the upcoming execution. Finally the presentations began at about 9:30pm and each and every group had to present their work done so far and then rigorous discussions on the different problem statements were carried out and changes were duscussed and suggested by other teams there were exciting presentations by all the groups

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