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22 May | Multi-Source Based Chula

Day 4 was a field visit to Amrapur where we met a number of families and focused mainly on the affinity of people towards their preferred choice of stove (gas based, traditional wood/cow-dung/coal based chula, kerosene stove or induction stove).

1. Shilpha Ben (wife of Amrapur's sarpanch - Rathore Jeevan Ji Dajiji ):-

  1. More heat generation incase of mud based chulha so cement based chulha is used

  2. Residual (ash) used as a pesticide,also acts acts as a manure for plants

  3. Use wrapper to ignite purpose but it causes more air pollution

  4. Uses steam for drying the wet wood(takes 15 min for complete drying)

  5. Regular maintenence.

  6. Smoke causes strain in eyes, black spots, inhalation of smoke is harmful.

  7. No utilization of chimney.

  8. Above Rs.38000 is APL and below Rs.38000 is BPL.

  9. BPL people can avail the benifits of the subsidiary on gas stoves and LPG under the schemes of govenment. Bu

  10. They are using chulha since childhood

  11. Duration of gas stove is from 20-25 days

  12. Used cement based chulha to make manure because it takes long time to boil for the less generation of fracture in soil based chulha

2. Rathore Rajiji Fathagi :-

  1. Large diameter wood takes more time but less qunatity to produce fire and small diameter wood takes less time but more quantity to produce fire

  2. For extra usage they used portable chulah

  3. Family income -Rs.40,000-45,000/year

  4. They are under BPL category and use government subsidiary to fulfill their needs

  5. Development of cataract due to continuous usage of smoke based chulah

3. Rathore Kaduji Muthaji :-

  1. Mixing of small and large wood to use as a fuel

  2. Risk is more there while using gas based stove as compare to mud based chulha.

4. Ishwarbhai :-

  1. They used chulah to make only roti(Bajra ka Rotla) and khichdi

  2. Neem and bavar used as a fuel source

  3. Longitivity- 1 year

  4. Used small diameter wood for high rate burning purpose

  5. Used coconut husk as a fuel because they make less residual(ash)

5. Shivram Raval:-

  1. Take less time in gas and more time in chulah

  2. Thin wood takes less time to produce fire and thick wood takes more time to produce fire

  3. The life of the utensils decreases in cement based chulah Due to less vibration in cement based chulha which affect the durability of utensils

  4. They used chulah to bake bajra roti(Rotla) because it requires more heat to cook

  5. The farmer who have both farm lands and cows,they used cow dung for as a manure but the farmers who does not own farm lands but have cows for dairy purpose ,they used cow dung as a fuel source

  6. He said chikari soil have a good binding property

  7. Rabari community use Kanda as fuel source

  8. Used neem as a replacement of babar because babar have thorns which make difficult to cut

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