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21 May | Nilgai Detection/Prevention

Today we had a field visit. We were splited into two groups.One group went to Aluva village and other went to Amrapur. We asked them several questions.

Vrushali showing electronic nilgai detection method to farmer

We got to know that their are not only threaten by Nilgai but also by Bund. Nilgais comes after 8pm from Kotar. Farmers usually drive away Nilgai by shouting behind them and using flash light.

They comes in herd of 10-12 with leading male and remaining female Nilgai. They eat less, damages more that they can destroy 20-25% of crop production. Some farmers pay 2-3 thousand for fences around farm and around 8 thousand for electrical fences. But Nilgais can break those fences or can jump off as they have a huge body. Some farmers mentioned that they sometimes comes regularly. They have tried other methods like spraying lion's waste or cow dung or Nilgai's waste but it is need to be sprayed regularly that they think is difficult. Scarecrows are better way but Nilgai can fall them off and can't be useful in rainy season.

Nilgai sometimes cause accidents on road. Farmers agreed to invest if any system/solution is developed to prevent them. They suggested that sound or audio related devices can't be helpful.

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