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The information was forwarded to the team about the visit to AMA for the interaction with professor K.C.Mallhotra the man behind the setting of whole visionary tripura model giving the whole world an example by his great vision and immense hard work. We reached to Ahmedabad at 3:30 and interaction with K.C.Mallhotra & Anil Gupta regarding the way of dealing the problems of tribals and looking for the aspects which are beyond the visible ones. Tripura model was a quiet succesfull model but what more could be done was the value addition to the plan.The plan of development was only kept upto production of certain crops and giving them a livelihood motive, as pointed by AnilGupta sir the production is okey but making the products of the harvest adding value to them will give more opportunity to start new business and make them good scaleups.This was the main point of discussion and Mallhotra sir was quietimpressed with idea.Interaction ended with the same note.

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