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20th May, Lecture & Skype abstract for "Nilgai Detection/Prevention System"

Today we arrived at 8am at Motibhai Hall. We discussed about our Project. Then we attended lecture of Prof. Anil Gupta at 2pm. He discussed about problem faced by past year Groups and also solved our doubts. We asked him about what questions we should ask to Farmers on field visit. He taught us about how should we think and what approach we should take while interacting with Farmers. He told us that Don't hesitate to ask weird and crazy questions. Then we had skype session with Ted Moallen. He was very friendly with us. He told us to think out of box. He asked us to replace ourselves with Nilgai and think in that sense. He also gives us a glimpse and example of questions to be asked while field visit. i.e. Why Nilgai entering in Farmers field? What are the primary reasons for Nilgai trace-passing? What if we can put GPS module on every Nilgai? Will it be feasible? Estimate cost of every method. How to make quick prototype of product and take review from Farmers? Session was super helpful. After that we discussed about next day field visit location. We decided to go to village called "Aluva" and also go to NIF Farm. We decided questions to be asked to Farmers & Departed.

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