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App for Field Trials and Pest Control

Problem Description:

A platform for researchers to collect data of the varieties of seeds and, pest control help for farmers. For collecting data of samples, until now, scouts would visit the farms at regular intervals and collect the data, this app is aimed to ease this process and also to provide real-time suggestions for pest infestations or other abnormalities.

The first prototype of the app is designed in line with the requirements as mentioned by Dr. Satya, Dr. Noushad, Dr Hardev Chowdhary and Prof Anil Gupta. The screenshots of the app are listed below to suggest the working of the application.

The image on the left is the initial screen that the farmer or the scout sees and once he logins he can choose from the options available as shown in the image on the right. Crop Trial Data is used to help collect data regarding the crops. Crop Data is to be collected at various stages of the crop, all of which are implemented as separate sections. Pest Control is used by the farmer to pose a query regarding the pest infestation or any other abnormality regarding the crop. These are depicted by the images shown below.

The bottom left image shows the screen prompted on clicking Transplantation and the bottom right when Flowering Stage is chosen.

Kisan Ki Awaz is a field which lets the farmer speak his problem, the audio file is then directed to the database that the researches can access, this is shown by the picture on the right. Kisan Help Line connects the farmer to a toll free line where he can query. Solutions field of the app displays all the solutions for a specific problem, a basic demonstration of which is shown in the above picture.

The first prototype is demonstrated to the researchers and their suggestions and critiques are noted. The second prototype would be an inclusion of these along with a better design.

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