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App for field trials and Pest Control

Problem Statement :

App for field trials – photo sharing based feedback on monitoring crop health, varietal status, and other parameters at different stages of crop or animal growth.

Findings of Prior Art Search :

There is an existing app by ICRISAT named PlantIX on the similar lines for monitoring crop health and pest infestation.

Initial Research and Requirements:

The requirements and design specifications are discussed with Dr.Satya,Dr. Noushad and Dr.HardevChoudhary. The app is intended to be a platform for researches to collect data for the varieties of seeds they’ve provided the farmers, the crops’ growth with respect to the weather, pest attack, etc, along with aiding farmers and researches to share their respective knowledge regarding problems and their solutions specific to a crop. There was an initial set of requirements which were discussed with Prof Anil Gupta, he suggested some additional attributes that are integral for observing the growth of a plant. The below is an almost exhaustive list of the requirements:


Farmers when registering with the application are expected to create a profile in order to provide researches with the basic background and a specific data base for themselves.

The following details are expected to provide a basic set of farmer’s details.

  • Name of the Innovator

  • Complete Address with Pin Code

  • Contact Number

  • Nearest City

  • Nearest Railway Station

  • Nearest Bus Stand

  • Education Qualification

  • Occupation – Present and Past Possible Abnormality: Any abnormality that the farmer spots can be shared with the researchers. It could be classified as Insect-Pest or Disease or Nutrient Deficiency. If it’s identified as pest farmer can identify the pest,

  • Classification of Pest : Major/Minor

  • Name of the pest: Local English(Optional)

  • Symptoms of the abnormality - Images

  • Extent of the damage for all the three mentioned : Scale(1-3) Present Solution: This section is intended to record and share any traditional or experiential knowledge of the farmers and also for researches to share knowledge that may not be known to the farmers.

  • Name of the material used

  • Source of the material used : Leaf, root,etc

  • Phonological Stage : Fresh fruit, ripen, dried, etc

  • Method of preparation

  • Method of Application : Spraying,etc

  • Dosage(ml)

  • Precautions(if any)

  • Source of Knowledge: Traditional/Own Innovation/Improvement Stage and the growth of the crop: To record and observe different stages if the plant growth.

  • Date of Sowing

  • Images of the crop sample after 15days

  • Images of the crop sample after 30days

  • Images of the crop sample just before Harvesting. Weather implications:

  • Temperature

  • Rainfall

  • Other abiotic stress Study of the effects of weeds on plant growth.

  • Is the weed present or not? (Some weeds are predominant for some crops) Data when harvesting

  • Qualitative (Germination percentage, Total Yield(in kg), Total area harvested,etc) Quantitative (Disease instance: present/absent, Disease problem: major/minor, Variety performance : Bad/Good/Very Good,etc)

Some characteristics which are not genetically specific(height, number of branches, spike, etc) are to be collected for atleast 10 plants and the others specific for every plant.

Initial Mind Map:

Updated Mind Map:

Prototype Design:

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