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Potter Tool Advancement Feed-Back

Dated: 26/05/2017

Village: Lodra

Field Trip Visit 2

The team went to obtain feedback & explain their solutions to the porter. We interacted with another porter to determine his problems & propose a solution. The field offered some new insights which were overlooked in the previous visit. He was ready to adopt the sieving technology which we proposed & which could prove to be cost effective in longer run.

For secondary step-thumping, we got to know that the government was already providing a machine at subsidized rate of 5000rs. He has to produce the stock in excess as manufacturing could not be done in the rainy season. But the pot is retailed in rainy season. Cost of the wood used for baking the pots was very high & so being the land rental. Approximately 20 out of 100 pots broke in the process. Thus we identified that somehow efficiency is a problem which needs to be addressed with solutions at different stage of process.

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