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A visit to multi-functional metal workshop

Our team reached a metal workshop in the last where we met Ismaile bhai and his son Nazir Hussain where they showed their traditional art and machine made by them.The astonishing part was that that machine was made before 40years and one motor drive incorporated 6 different functions namely: 1)Drop hammer for forging process 2)Cutting machine(saw) for wooden blocks 3)amry/ grinder for finishing/smoothing sharp edges 4)Drilling holes in metal sheets or wooden logs 5)Air refilling machine 6)Sharping knives and crop cutting tools

The different functions can be accessed by using desired belts and cluth plates and gear mechanisms. The hammering machine was the biggest part as it used a slider crank mechanism to convert the circular motion by the motor to a horizontal motion and a circular leaf spring also absorbs the shock by hammering to reduce the wear and tear of the tools and machine.The machive worked on AC power electricity and the human effort was minimal. We could help him manufacture more such machines and spread the practical knowledge that he and his son has gained through years of experience.

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