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To design a low-cost portable kiln for rural small-scale pottery with a smoke extractor to improve p

Team Members: Ayush Pandey, Rahul Bishnoi, Sairaj Khope


Our current problem area lies in the villages of Kanalva and Ambala where the local communities work on traditional home pottery with their specialities includes applying Geru (Red soil solution with high Ferric Oxide content) and Lac (Excreta of Laccifer Lacca or Lac beetle which is sourced from the branches of the Pohim Tree in the months of April/May). The user demographic is adults (Men & Women) in the age group of 25-70 (approx.). The design is supposed to help improve their production output and improve their workplace safety by drawing out the smoke and providing adequate insulation from the heat of the Bhatthi.


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