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To create a load distribution bag that increases efficiency and reduces body pain of labourers (of a

Team Members: Drishti Baid, Md Zisan Khan, Prashant Nahar, Uday Agrawal


Initially, we picked the problem of traditional cotton picking and were determined to make a product which increases the efficiency of labourers and also reduces the problems faced thereof. As we delved further, we realised that carrying heavy bags of cotton (10-20 kg while picking) by the traditional method is as big a problem as is cotton picking done by hands at present. We decided to work on cotton carrying only after studying all the stages of cotton growth in as much detail as we could and found it to be the most interesting and challenging one. Thus, we ended up making a load distribution bag which distributes weight throughout the body. The same product can be used for vegetable picking and its use can further be extended to any and every type of farming.


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