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Prevention of unintentional exposure to toxic gases in the wells of Agariya salt farmers in the Rann

Team Members: Awanish Kumar, Mathias Dockweiler, Swapnil Prasad, Tanisha Sushil


Toxic gases are formed inside farm wells, sceptic tanks, chick farms due to prevalence of anaerobic conditions and decomposition of organic matters. Common sites for toxic gases are farm well, septic tanks, sewers and natural gas operations.Majority of exposures are unintentional. Exposure leads to convulsions, coma and rapid loss of consciousness. Studies across globe have shown that poisoning with toxic gases cause blockade of oxidative phosphorylation during electron transport chain and inhibit various bio-enzymatic processes in our body. These gases rapidly distributes to vital organs like liver, lungs and brain. Later two are very prone to damage due to toxic exposure and gases like hydrogen sulphide (H2S) damages respiratory center in brain, cardiopulmonary damage leading to instantaneous death in a single breath beyond a threshold limit of around 1000 ppm


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