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Plough Depth Sensor for bullock drawn plough and tractor/power tiller

Girish Joshi, Ritu Goyal,Paras Chopra


The team would like to thank Prof. Anil Gupta and SRISTI for giving them this opportunity to create solutions for grassroots problems faced by farmers. Also it would sincerely like to thank all the farmers who not only let us use their tractors but also shared their ideas for further development of the prototype. Special mention should also be given to all the mentors who helped the team from overseas through skype. Mr. Ankur Bal from STMircoelectronics and Dr. Boami helped the team by their valuable inputs for developing the prototype. A special thank you to members at the National Innovation Foundation for their help in prototyping the idea. All the members of SRISTI including the ever energetic Tautik Das, Sagar Panchal, Hiral Shastri, Chetan Patel, Sunny Patel, Bhakti Patel, Jay Shah and Suresh were a great help in procuring materials, looking at the logistics regarding the project and providing a comfortable stay at Grambharti. Members of other teams also deserve a special mention for providing valuable suggestions for converting the idea into prototype.


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