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(group report)

* Group members -Pallav maru, Utsav Malam, Bhavik Modha. FIELD DESCRIPTION Our team has visited two construction site first one is GU Campus & second one is near mansi circle. And then another visit we done is at kalupur Railway Station. Where our team has shown that laborious process is to carrying, lifting & moving the object or material on head, back & shoulder. If a load carrier is there then it distribute load from head, shoulder & reduces some pain of worker's. We have already some devices of load carrier for workers but it's still not efficient to be implemented. GENERAL INTRODUCTION Labour's carrying heavy loads like bricks, bags of cement & other materials. They suffer from pain in head, back pain, shoulder pain , knee joint pain. * Our aim is to design a load carrier which distribute load & increase efficiency of worker & labour's . Construction sites 1 - site in Gu Campus * First my team visited a small construction building in GU CAMPUS. we can see that workers ( includes male & female ) carry load & transport it from one place to. Another place by carry load. On head , shoulder & back. First we meet a small boy whose name is Himmat whose age is only 13 years. He was an child labour, but due to economy problem he come at construction site for work to earn some money. He said that he study in 7 std. He come here on vacation to work. * I asked questions to him like why you do labouring work. He said that her family was also do labouring work . I asked him how many maximum weight u carry & transport, he said that he carry 25 to 30 kg (10 to 12 bricks). He feels pain in head, shoulder, leg ,knee. I ask him about which precautions he takes pains , he ask that sometimes he take medicines from govt. Hospital & sometimes he sleep with pain. He work total no.of 10 hrs. * Then we met a man named dharminder whose age is 23 he said that her major problem is to carry load & transport it by upstairs with 35 to 40 kg carrying . We also put these cement bag on our shoulders & transport it to top & try to feel the Pain of them. * I saw a major problem is that they don't have any equipment for use they can do Work bare handedly. There problem is to twisting a thin wire to combine two steel rods. Sometimes they have Abscess in hand. They feel too much pain to tight rods with Abscess . * They use a simple steel equipment to twisting the thin wire. * Then at last I see a major problem is that to transport a mixture of sand & cement there are 8 people stand in line & they pass to each other it consumes more time to do work. * Then our group will visit a second site near mansi circle where we meet a lady whose name is jeevani ben. she was 40yrs old still she do labouring work. she told that she felt major pain in back while doing digging in soil . * We ask that they should take any precautions or not, then she said that they have not much money to buy medicines.they earn 300/400 per day mainly , In which they have to eat both time by themselves. * We meet a girl worker name rina. she was 16 yrs old. She doesn't studying due to economical problems. The major problem i see that they have no any equipment to do work like shoulder pads, helmet, gloves. There were no safety for workers & there family members They have no equipment to pass steel rods on top (it becomes fully hot at noon time) . We see that they have many problems in leaving there & make food of two times. 2 - Railway Station (kalupur) * Second our group will visit a Railway Station to meet coolie because they also carry so much load on body & transport it. * We meet a noor bhai who is coolie there & he was 65 yrs old. He was a good man he can sit with us & share problems of him which he faces. He said that he carry 5 bags - (2 on head & 3 on shoulder) approxi. 30/35 kg. * He told us that her main problem is to climb upstairs at station with bags in too much traffic of people, earlier they uses trolley to transport by liftsbut now lift isn't working so they have to take luggage on body & transport it . He said that sometimes he has to walks 700/800m to transport luggage. He feel to much pain in the body due to load & her old age also. * Their major problems are - 1- To transport the luggage by stairs. 2 - They faces problem to transport in traffic of people . 3 -sometimes by unbalanced they fall & they get injury. 4 - Trollies are now not in use at Railway Station . 5 - They feel major pain in head while transporting. * One of those coolies said that now they not earn more money because now mostly people have trolley bags so they don't hire coolies , only people which have more luggage they only hires. He said that load carrier for him is not beneficial to him because her earning was depending on how many luggage he transport in small no. of time. So according to him instead of trolley no other devices is beneficial. * Noor bhai said to us that if we can make a device which can reduce the load of head or distribute it , then it can be very helpful to them.

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