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Load Carrying Device

Team members: Vedika Y. Kulkarni

I have decided to take up the problem of load-carrying materials such as cement in the construction industry. For this project, I have researched multiple types of load-carrying devices used in the labour industry, the farming industry and even those used in homes. I also researched biomechanics and awkward positions, also why previous load-carrying devices had failed. After researching these topics, I found the core summary points which, I thought, were not addressed in the previous designs. Due to COVID restrictions, my interactions with the labourers were limited but I tried to make up for that by speaking to people who worked on previous designs in the report. Keeping the summary points in mind, I conceptualized a basic holder for the metal containers used in construction work. I have not been able to test the prototype as of yet due to inaccessibility to building materials.


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