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Load Carrying Device

Team members: Subash Pamitra

Project report


● Labour statistic system in India

● Looking at Gas cylinders and 20-litre water cans

● Commonalities

● Finding the right problem / Problem statement

● Prior art research

● A look at Ergonomics

● Understanding BioMechanics

● Choosing the right solution

● Form and Function

Labour Statistic system in India

Manual labour in developing countries like India is still one of the most ignored and often abused sectors when it comes to workers’ conditions and wages.

It is not only the Ministry of Labour and Employment responsible for making labour policy laws and their implementation. But agencies engaged in planning socioeconomic development, particularly, the Planning Commission, when it comes to collecting data on different aspects of labour.

Among the international users of Labour statistics, the principal stakeholder is the International Labour Organisation (ILO). ILO is responsible not only for compiling labour statistics but also to monitor progress in labour standards set by its conventions and recommendations, on that basis.

Looking at some of the reports on labour statistic system in India. Themes like informal and unorganized sector, employment and earnings in the rural non-formal sector, informal employment in the organized sector, are some of those in which research questions are being asked; yet data for their detailed analysis are not available.

(Information from the report presented by TS POPLA on Labor statistics system in India)


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