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Group Members : Pallav Maru , Utsav Malam , Bhavik modha

Fild coordinator: prem shah


●Our team visited CONSTRUCTION SITES(In G.U. CAMPUS & NEAR MANSI CIRCLE) and KALUPUR RAILWAY STATION. First we visited small construction site in gu campus we see that workers carry loads and moving it from one place to another place while lifting load they fill pain head, shoulder, back and leg.

●So our aim is to make is to design of load carrier which distribute load and improved his efficiency.


● First of all, we met the 13 year boy named Himmat, who tried to know his problem, he told us that he is having a problem of hand, back, neck while lifting load of up to 30 kg. When we asked his precaution, he told that he took medicine from the government hospital. There is no security equipment l. They work 10 hours a day. She is tent near the construction site.

●23 years old dharmendra was carrying inspection in hand while raising the steel rod in hand.

●Then we met a 22-year-old woman named Geeta Ben and she gets upstairs by filling in a sack of sand. They have trouble in their neck, leg, beg and muscles while filling them in the sand and reaching them, he raises 25-30 kg of load once. She does not take any medicine for her pain. Recently they have equipment like a bag and plate. He works 8 hours a day. She lives in the temporary house.

●We saw the sack of sand there and saw how painful it was to them.

●There was no safety related instrument of any type on the construction site.

●We were digging the mound near the construction building. We went there. Let's take a 16 year old girl Reena to dig the ground. He works there for 9 hours and works while doing back pain. And she does not take any medicine for this pain. They had simple tools for digging.

2. Kalupur Railway Station

●We went to the kalupur railway station, we met a 65 year old man named noor bhai, he raises 5 luggage at a time. He raises two headpieces and luggage at 3 shoulders. He works 5-6 hours. He sometimes does 700-800 distance covers. There is a problem in transporting them to the bag due to having a lot of traffic there.It's hard work to climb up and down the luggage. Sometimes by unbalanced they fail & they get injured. One of the coolie said that now they do not earn more money because more people there on trolley bag.

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