• Bhanu Pratap Asiwal


FIELD VISIT REPORT (1-2 June,2019)


We went to the Solid Waste Management, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Dana pith and from there we got the reference of Bodakdev ward office. The members of bodakdev ward office told us to visit the waste collection office just opposite to bodakdev ward office and they told us the home of the street sweepers. WHAT HE TOLD US

  • They sweep only in the side/corners of the road. 500 m area is assigned to group of two people.

  • They sweep twice a day on the same road, once in the morning 9 to 12 and once in the evening 3 to 6.

  • Work throughout the week.

  • Earns 300 rupees daily .

  • According to them the whole process is tough task and takes lot of effort. On asking whether they need a solution, they told us that it would be better.

  • On giving them an idea of a cycle then they said yes it would be helpful.

  • Women are also there.

  • But women cannot ride a bicycle.

  • We asked them what you will recommend us to do, he told that a paddle would be better.

  • The life span of a broom stick is about 10-15 days. Government provides broom.

  • Health facilities are also provided by government.

  • Behaviour of people is good till our work is good.

  • Some workers are from nearby and some live far and comes on cycle.

  • They only clean the garbage which they see...its not like they are cleaning below the car. Approximately 5-6 kilo of waste is collected in one shift.

  • On asking why do they do it...simple answer for stomach.

  • Mostly the waste contained tree leaves, fruits/vegetable waste, plastic, thermocol, dry waste and wet waste.


  • We observed that they work in intense heat.

  • Major problem is that the work is too time and effort consuming .

  • They work hard and neglects pain for their livelihood.

  • If this work can be done in less time then they can utilize their time somewhere else or can do something else for double earning.

  • After coming from morning shift they can only do rest as they have to prepare their body for the next evening shift.

  • After cleaning the road and collecting it somewhere the another problem which comes is picking it up and putting it in the lorry manually. They then take the lorry to the location where all of the garbage is collected. Pushing the lorry is also a problem.

  • Mask is provided but they prefer cloth.

  • Garbage while cleaning spreads in air becomes problem for people passing nearby.

  • Their health and health of people passing nearby .

  • This method is not at all efficient .


We went there to work with them on street in the evening shift (not in morning because my teammate Hitarth Parikh was not well), but sadly they were on leave that day. But luckily, we met supervisor of the sweepers and it was very effective talking to him. His name was Raju Bhai. Actually my teammate is from design department and he was having an idea in his mind way before summer school and hence we presented it to him and he gave us very valuable suggestions like:

  • The container (dust collector) should be at back side not in front side of the machine.

  • The Container should be removable.

  • According to him, there are some regions where broom cannot reach so there should be a separate box where garbage can be collected using hand.

  • Our design contained one broom, but according to him it would be efficient if two broom will be there.

  • If it would be around 1000 rupees then it would be affordable and effective.

We took his number and we told him that we want to come and experience/work with you, so he asked us to visit them on 4th June between 7 to 9 in morning for asking anything and then do sweeping in the morning shift (9 to 12) along them. Also we are planning to visit swachhta vidyalaya. We talked to them and they said that they can give advices if you have your prototype ready. Also we have to ask how much they can afford.

So, it would be great to take advices from the supervisor and swachhta vidyalaya time to time.

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