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Food Expiry Notifier Service App

Team Member:

Ashish Saha

Problem Statement: ● Often it happens we bought an eatable product by looking at the expiry date and maybe that day we know that it is going to expiry in next two months. ● But after three months we realize that it has got expired and we have had to throw it to the dustbin and it becomes more vulnerable if we have consumed it. Causes and Effects: ● Food poisoning ● Exposure to dangerous bacteria ● Perfectly good food gets wasted ● Waste of Food Items/money ● Loss of nutritional value Solution: ● A Service or an App that Notifies the user about the expiry of a product a month or week before with efficient data feeding. How to Use: ● Install the App Get yourself Registered ● Add Items with their Expiry Dates very Easily ● You’ll be notified 1 month/week before the Expiry of it ● You can maybe can consume it or Donate the Food before it gets wasted


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