Designing a brick carrying device for improving ergonomics and efficiency of labourers at constructi

(I) Introduction

The problem taken up by this team is important as it involves a lot of pain and drudgery for people especially women who have to carry the load on their head. Hence it is important to understand the bio-mechanical aspect of this.[1] The construction industry in India is the second largest economic activity after agriculture. Safety consciousness is yet to percolate to these construction sites where majority of the workers work under hazardous conditions. There are many small contractors and firms who are oblivious of this condition and hence the practice of carrying bricks on head continues since ages.[2]

The idea thus focuses on developing a device to improve the safety of carrying bricks by focusing on ergonomics.

[1] Professor P V M Rao: The problem is related to bio-mechanical. Define the need- whether to improve the efficiency or ergonomic aspect. Find the existing methods of safety and existing solutions. [2] Capacity Building for the Promotion of Labour Rights for Vulnerable Groups of Workers, The Ambedkar Institute for Labor Studies, Mumbai

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