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Rutuparna Kulkarni, Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar. MSc Biotechnology.

Pranjal Maheshwari, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Amethi. BTech.

Yukta Rana, Institute of Advanced Research, Gandhinagar. BSc Biotechnology.

Kapil Ashiwal, Centre for Converging technologies Jaipur, University of Rajasthan.


SARS CoV-2, known as corona virus spread rapidly to every part of the world and posed an unprecedented threat to all. The pandemic started by spread of corona virus, has given rise to many new problems, one of which is the collection of waste. The waste generated from covid positive homes, covid care centers and other places needs to be separately collected and disposed. The problems involved in this process have to be analyzed and solutions have to be designed. Our team tried to figure out all aspects of this process and its problems and have tried to propose a solution for proper segregation of waste during household waste collection.


We would like to thank Prof. Anil Gupta and SRISTI Summer School for giving us this opportunity to create solutions for grassroots problems faced in COVID 19 Waste Segregation. Also, we would sincerely like to thank all the coordinators who not only motivated us but also shared their ideas for further development of the prototype. Special thanks to all the mentors who helped the team through their valuable insights and knowledge. Members of other teams also deserve a special mention for providing valuable suggestions for converting the idea into prototype.


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