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An Ergonomic And Efficient Chula

Pulkit Goyal, Rahul Kumar, Mahak Chajeda, Gautam Katar, Kuldip Shiyani, Rittick Maity


First of all, we would like to thank the Sharda Ben who helped us a lot in every stage of our project, from the field visit when we were understanding the habits and the usage of the chula, establishing problems and designing solutions to the final prototyping and testing phase. She and her family has helped us to procure the materials multiple times.

Next we would like to thank Mr. Kuldeep and Mr. Suresh for their support and help in the

procurement of materials, field visits, food and stay arrangements, and for providing us vehicles when required. We would like to thank our many advisors who helped us by giving us small be important titbits about the project.

We would like to thank our friends who took time from their projects to help us. Mr. Tarun Punia for making the chula, and for assessment of the initial design before it was on paper and after the first prototype was made. His insights in the experiments were very helpful to recognise the problems. He also taught us how to use the chula. Ms. Poonam Chaurey and Ms. Anjali Jha for helping us in making the chula. Ms. Ananya Gupta for helping with the experiments after the summer school ended. Finally, a number of kids in the village who took interest in the project and helped us with their insights from using the chula at their home since their birth.

A number of mentors helped us from the start of the summer school in learning the techniques important for understanding the problem. Notably, Dr. Anil Gupta who also helped us in assessing the final model and Prof. Shashank Mehta for helping us dive deep into the problem.

Lastly, we thank the Sristi Summer School management team for their efforts. Their efforts and involvements made us realise that we had very little time for the project which gave us the motivation to work efficiently in the project.

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