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Braille slate: Testing

After design the complete slate we have to test it with the concern user group. We can test it on Blind Association or in Blind School. We have already sent a mail regarding to testing to Blind People’s Association, Ahmedabad. So it became quiet easy to test the prototype. We have found these points in the testing:

  • It may be hard/difficult to adapt for old users but it’s really good for new users and Braille learner.

  • It will avoid the double thinking, which is very important to avoid.

  • The dots were less embossing, when they were writing/punching.

  • They have to press the stylus with a certain force.

  • The stylus also leaving a little impression in the other side of the page.

  • They were not getting much speed in the slate.

Now we have to work on the above problems and resolve these problems.

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