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31st May, Weed Cultivator Modification

June 31st, the team started working on the second prototype after finalizing the designs. For the second prototype various designs have been put forward by the team members and discussed with various mentors present in the lab. After all the discussions and research we came to a final idea for the prototype.

Today we all worked together in the NIF lab to turn our design into actual model (Prototype). We prepared the frame for the weed cultivator. For that we cut the length of the steel rod accordingly and they were screwed together to get a rectangular frame. Blades were prepared according to the size of the stems we prepared for the blades. All were clubbed to the frame using sliders. So that we can create easy movement in the weed cultivator along the steel rods.

So our prototype is under construction. We are planning to finish it within two days. And then testing will be done.

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