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1-2 June, Weed Cultivator Modification

June 2nd, The second prototype is under construction. We carried forward the work from where we left the last day.

We our frame and the stems and the blades were created last day. Now we are drilling various portions on the frame and the blades so that we can club them together. We even drilled two holes on the sliders so that these holes can be used to provide better grip using nut and bolt. The bolts were welded with the sliders at each of the two holes.

We faced the problem of twisted screw and therefore screws starting to break after in the process of opening and closing the sliders with the frames. So we planned for welding the stems with the slider and then provide the grip.

Now our prototype gain actual look when its various parts were cleaned and painted.

Still the work is on for preparing the handle which can hold it to the tractor or bike, we are working over that. And the stems are yet to be welded with the sliders.

Hopefully we’ll complete our second prototype by tomorrow i.e. June 3rd .

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