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Sanshodh App Team Report June 01, 2018

Button customisation:

  • The background of the buttons was changed.

  • The background included gradient change over button press.

  • The dashboard layout was adjusted according to the changes.

  1. Meetup with Dr. Vivek Kumar (Senior Innovation Officer, NIF):

  • The aim of the meetup was to understand the basis of developing the app and its evaluation.

  • The Evaluation must be done by keeping the user perspective in mind.

  • Knowing the user background is a must. Like in this case the scouts can be school, college students, volunteers, employee, etc.

  • Simplicity is the key to best user experience.

  • There should be less number of screen strokes to maintain simplicity.

  • After prototyping, there should be testing done and the user feedback must be taken.

  • During testing the user activity must be observed carefully.

  • At the development level, we must take complete care about the particulars of the form.

  • The above must be done in order to minimize user errors, hence increasing the accuracy of the collected data.

  • The channel layout must be simple.

  • The export formats of the forms much be simple and easily readable.

  • Finally, there must be an identification method or an ID code which retains the uniqueness of the forms.

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