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A brainstorming session was used to ideate into the possibilities of different ways people can go “up”. This was in line with the need of the people to get out of the well. Sketching was used as tool to ideate. The wildest of ideas ranging from canons to drones, big wheel to skates and even as far as an underground rail were considered.

Over time as we built upon our previous wild ideas we started reaching ideas with more deeper thought put into them and ideas that with time and thought were becoming more and more structured.The brainstorming session also helped explore into what surplus features might the user expect or require in the product. Then small but at the same time important insights were taken from all these wild ideas to crate a learning experience for the team. Using all these insights we now move on to the conceptualisation phase where these learnings and ideas will be looked into thoroughly and compiled in various permutations and combinations to help create a product that has the positives and avoids the negatives.

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