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31st May | Load Carrying Device

Yesterday, we went to buy the strips and buckles but we did not find the buckles. Therefore, we have made five buckles using steel and aluminum rods.

Cut 2 × 2 square hollow rod.·

Bend two aluminum wire over the square frame.

Today, we are ready for testing. Therefore, we attached two strips over the frame. We went to the field near Grambharti besides our hostel.

We were able to carry 15 bricks whose weight is around 50 kg including the device. The weight of the device is 5.2 kg. The weight of each brick is 3-3.5 kg. During carrying the load, we felt that the load is acting only on the shoulder. In loading and unloading, we were able to load and unload bricks, which was on sideways. However, there was the problem of loading and unloading the bricks, which were in the back.

Then we went to the tailor to stitch the strips on the frame and Anshumen went to Gandhinagar to buy the sponge.

Then we paint the prototype and attached the sponge on the strips using cello tap.

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