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2nd Feild visit to Kutch


Today our day started with new excitement and positive power as we all were going to our 2nd field visit to the “Runn of Kutch” as we all were excited to show our initial prototype to the salt farmers to get to know about their reaction and feedback about our prototype and whether our prototype was accepted to them or not. At nearly 6:45 am we reached to our destination and at 8:00 am we leave for our field visit, in Kutch our mentor had a local contact Mr. Ambu so he helped us and helped us to fix a small meeting with the local farmers so we met with them and show our prototype to them. After a long discussion we got a very valuable output as we got to know about what modifications we have to make in our prototype to make it more useful and easy to use for farmers.

Then we leave to meet with the peoples of SETU organization to tell about the conceptual model which we think to solve their antenna problem, so we contact President of SETU organization through video call and explain him about both conceptual model, after 30 min discussion we reach to conclusion that we have to decrease the closing height from 5 feet to nearly 2 feet so finally I can say that this field visit was very successful as we got to know about the modifications which we have to make to make our prototype more efficient and valuable both for salt farmers and for SETU organization.

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