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Weed Cultivator Modification

Today started the day with field visit.

Place: Village Near Grambharti Campus

We went with Kuldeep Sir to a farm near Grambharti Campus to know the problems in cultivating weed. As we can see crops are grown in rows and column pattern, and in between them where the space is left, weed grows by itself. Now if we have remove the weeds then we can set our blade position in cultivator such that it removes weed continuously but if we have two or more crops, the width of the crop would be different, so we have to change our blade position.

But as we can in the figure because of robust design of cultivator it is difficult to remove the blades very often.

Cardboard Model:

Today we made a cardboard model of the first design thought.

We took the idea from Trowel (khurpi).

All blades will be connected by nut bolt mechanism, for changing the position of one the blades just loose the nut, change the position (rotate it around the connection) and tight it again.

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